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Activity 3.1.2

Activity 3.1.2 Land Use and Development Regulations

Most locations within the United States fall within a municipality that regulates land use within its jurisdiction. Land Use regulations are designed to protect and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare. Typically they include Zoning Ordinances that control development by designating areas for specific types of use.  These ordinances include laws that control a wide variety of development activities within each zoning area, including building construction, parking lot design, entrances and exits from property, water and sewer facilities, storm water runoff, and landscaping.

As part of local Land Use regulations, many municipalities have adopted the International Building Code to regulate the design and construction of non-residential buildings. Although some jurisdictions within a state may not use the IBC, state or local regulations will typically adopt the IBC by reference, meaning that the requirements of the IBC apply within the jurisdiction of that state or other government body.

Rules that control other aspects of development vary and are published by each municipality. It is important to identify the codes and regulations that apply to a project and become familiar with the requirements for development before beginning the design of a project.

Keystone Library Site Location Map
Keystone Library Site Plan
City of Noblesville, Indiana Code of Ordinances (found at
Section 154.04 Adoption of Rules by Reference
Section 159.105 Zoning Districts General Requirements
Section 159.107 Commercial Districts
Section 159.120 General Regulations
Appendix C
International Building Code 2009
Section 302
Section 303
Section 503
Section 602
Section 1004
Section 1005
Section 1021
Noblesville Zoning Map

In this activity you will research the local code of ordinances and building codes to obtain important information needed to redesign the Keystone building.

The Keystone Building is within the city of Noblesville, Indiana. The Noblesville Code of Ordinances applies to this project location. 

1.    Identify the Building Code that applies in Noblesville by reviewing Section 154.04 Adoption of Rules by Reference in the Noblesville Code of Ordinances.
Indiana Building Code 2009

2.    Visit the Indiana Association of Building Officials website at and follow the link to Current Codes. On which model code is the current Indiana Building Code based?
Indiana Building Code 2006

3.    Using the International Building Code, find the Use and Occupancy classification of the proposed new Keystone Building.
303.1 Assembly Group A3

4.    Using the International Building Code, describe each of the four types of construction. Based on the existing structure, under which of these types of construction could the Keystone Building fall? See section 503.1.
I. Steel Framing Encased in concrete
II. Steel Framing
III. Noncombustible material
IV. Heavy timber
V. Any materials allowed by code may be used

Type I, II, III, IV

5.    Compare the allowable Building Heights and Areas (IBC 2009 Table 503) for the Keystone Library using different construction types. What is the least restrictive construction type that can be used for the Keystone Library? Is a fire-protective layer required over the structural elements? Note: The letter A indicates that the structural members are protected by a fire-rated coating or cover (sheetrock, spray on, or another approved method). The letter B indicates that the structural members are not protected by an additional fire-rated coating or cover.
Area of first floor = 9424 ft2
Type Three B

6.    What materials do you propose to use for the new interior walls and floor for the Keystone Building? Justify your answer.
Fire treated wood interior or brick 

7.    Use the IBC to determine the Occupant Load (IBC 2009 Section 1004) for the Keystone Building assuming a second floor is added. For now, conservatively assume that the second floor is entirely stacks and that the first floor is entirely reading rooms. In addition, because there is currently no plan to include an outside stairway to the roof, assume that the occupants of the green roof must exit through the 2nd floor. The building inspector has determined, based on the planned use of the green roof as additional reading area, that the occupant load for the green roof may be based on the requirements for reading rooms.
First Floor Area = 8833 ft2
            177 people can be on floor one
Second Floor area 4453ft2
45 people
Green room area 4380 ft2
88 people
             Total occupant load 310 people

8.    The occupant load is used to determine the minimum egress width for the building. Use the IBC to determine the required total egress width (IBC 2009 Section 1005) for the Keystone Building including the second floor.
Total Egress width
311occupation total*.02inches =62.2 inches
Required star egress form 2nd floor
.03 inches * (44+88) occupants = 40.2 inches

9.    What is the minimum number of exits required for the Occupant Load (IBC 2009 Section 1021)?
Minimum is 2 exits

10. Read IBC 2009 Section 1021.2. Is it permissible to have only a single exit from the ground floor? From the second floor? Justify your answers.
No there are too many people

The answers to the following questions should be researched in the Noblesville Code of Ordinances and the Noblesville Zoning Map.

11. In which zoning designation does the Keystone building property lie? (Refer to the Keystone Library Site Location Map to help locate the site on the zoning map.)
PB= Planned Business

12. Describe the purpose of this zoning designation. Document your answer with a section number from the code.

13. What is the minimum lot size within this designation? Does the Keystone Property meet this requirement? Document your answer with a section number of the code.
20,000 ft2

14. What is the maximum building height according to the Noblesville ordinance?
Three Stories or 35ft

15. Read Section 159.120 of the Noblesville Code of Ordinances. Record any information that is important to the redevelopment of the Keystone building.

16. Is the Use proposed in Keystone Building Project permitted on this property?  Document your answer.

17. When developing a property, when is landscaping and screening required?


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